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Yellowfin tuna

Recreational Fishers

Rec PictureNew Zealand’s waters are some of our most valued outdoor places.

They are places where we can connect with nature, and they provide opportunities for fishing and diving - either for recreation or to gather food for family and friends.

A high proportion of New Zealand's population access the marine and freshwater environments for recreational fishing.  It is difficult to count how many recreational fishers we have, but there are several studies that give an idea of what these activities are worth to New Zealanders or to New Zealand communities.

Some people simply enjoying fish-watching.  Some like to catch a fish and let it go again – which often happens in big game fishing.  Others take great pleasure out of eating – or offering to others - the fish they have caught themselves.

The reality is that many people do a mixture of all these things.  For instance, a diver may enjoy fish watching, but may also take a feed of fish for family and friends.  Or someone line-fishing may put some fish back, but keep others for the pot.

All of these values need to be kept in mind when managing recreational fisheries.

If you wish to go freshwater fishing, you may need to purchase a licence.  Please refer to Fish and Game New Zealand's website for further details.  You may also wish to gain information of back country places to go and fish by visiting the Department of Conservation website.  Should you wish to obtain fish or marine life from New Zealand's coast you will need to adhere to the relevant bag limits for that area.

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