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The stock boundaries and number of black cardinalfish stocks in New Zealand is unknown. There are no data on genetics, or known movements of black cardinalfish which indicate possible stock boundaries. 

There is evidence that a spawning stock exists in CDL 2, with three geographically close spawning locations identified, on Tuaheni High, Ritchie Bank, and Rockgarden (Dunn 2009). Juveniles of less than 30 cm have been infrequently identified in CDL 2, and more frequently found on the northern flanks of the Chatham Rise, which is south of the spawning grounds in CDL 2. No spawning grounds have been identified on the Chatham Rise, where adult fish are relatively rare. For the purposes of stock assessment, it has been assumed that black cardinalfish on the east coast North Island (CDL 2) are from the same stock as fish on the north Chatham Rise (CDL 3 and CDL 4).

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