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Since the 2005 Plenary report was published, an update of only the sub-Antarctic assessment in 2008 has been reported in this document series. Other assessments have been completed, but either were not markedly different to the results already reported, or were not considered sufficiently more reliable to justify their inclusion. In addition, refinements to the hake model structure are still being investigated. The stock assessments reported here for the Chatham Rise and west coast South Island stocks were carried out in 2004. For the purposes of stock assessment modelling, the Chatham Rise stock was considered to include the whole of the Chatham Rise (including the western end currently forming part of the HAK 1 management area). The sub-Antarctic stock was considered to contain hake in the Southland and sub-Antarctic management areas; although fisheries management areas around the North Island are also included in HAK 1, catches of hake in these areas are very small.

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Sunday, 31 May 2009
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