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The main orange roughy fisheries have been treated separately for assessment and management purposes, and individual reports produced for each of five different areas consisting of one or more stocks as follows:
1. Northern North Island (ORH 1)
• Mercury-Colville stock
• Other stocks
2. Cape Runaway to Banks Peninsula (ORH 2A, 2B, & 3A)
• East Cape stock
• Mid-East Coast stock
3. Chatham Rise and Puysegur (ORH 3B)
• Northwest Chatham Rise stock
• East Chatham Rise stock
• South Chatham Rise stock
• Puysegur stock
• Other minor stocks or subareas
4. Challenger Plateau (ORH 7A)
5. West coast South Island (ORH 7B)
6. Outside the EEZ
• Lord Howe
• Northwest Challenger
• Louisville
• West Norfolk
• South Tasman

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Sunday, 31 May 2009
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