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From 1 October 2001, the TACC for ORH 1 was increased to 1400 t within the AMP, with sub-area and feature limits. From 1 October 2007 the stock is no longer part of the Adaptive Management Programme but stakeholders have agreed to continue with the sub-area and feature limits within theoverall ORH1 TACC.

In most years the total catch has been less than the TACC. However, it is not known if recent catch levels or current TACCs are sustainable in the long term. Except for the small area of the Mercury- Colville box no assessment of stock status is currently available.

An assessment of the Mercury-Colville box in 2001 indicated that biomass had been reduced to 10- 15% B0 (compared to an assumed BMSY of 30% B0). As the stock was considered to be well below BMSY, a catch limit of 30 t was set for the box. The assessment indicated that a catch level of about 100 t would probably maintain the stock at the 2000 stock size (assuming deterministic recruitment) and catch levels from 16 to 35 t (consistent with CAY or MCY strategies) might allow the stock to rebuild slowly.

In other areas of ORH 1 the status of the constituent stocks is unknown. The amount of fishing in some areas appears to be low, but without any indication of current abundance, there is no way to determine if this level of fishing is in fact sustainable or if current feature limits will avoid overexploitation of localised areas.>>>>

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