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For these stocks, BMSY is assumed to be equal to 30% B0, which, in previous assessments has been estimated to be the average biomass under a CAY management policy.

EC stock (2A North)
The stock assessment for the East Cape was last updated in 2003. That assessment indicated that the stock was then about 24% of B0 (range: 20–32% B0). The current surplus production (CSP) in the year 2003 (550 t) was greater than both the current catch limit of 200 t and the catches in the two most recent years included in the assessment (2000–01: 302 t and 2001–02: 186 t). The best estimates of CAY and MAY (370 and 410 t) were also greater than both the catch limit and catches for the two most recent years in the assessment. This suggests that the current catch limit should allow the stock to rebuild.

MEC stock (2A South, Wairarapa 2B, and Kaikoura 3A)
No estimates of current biomass are available. Based on the 2004 and 2005 assessments, biomass was estimated to have reached a minimum in the mid 1990s and to have been slowly increasing since. The late CPUE series (Table 8) support the likelihood of an increase in stock size with catch rates increasing since 1999. The WG considered that the stock was likely to be increasing under recent catch levels but was unable to determine whether the current TACC (1500 t) would result in a continued rebuild of the stock.

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