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There are no new assessment results from 2009 for these oreo stocks.

Black oreo

The 2009 stock assessment of OEO 4 black oreo was considered unreliable. However, the WG agreed that the east and west areas might be treated as independent stocks, or at least minimally-mixing stocks; and that standardised CPUE is probably a suitable index of abundance at this spatial scale.

After initial substantial declines in biomass for the western area (early 1980s) and the eastern areas (early 1990s) as indicated by the CPUE, stock abundance has been relatively stable in the last five years under annual catches of about 800 t for both areas combined.

The 2009 OEO 4 TAC is 7 000 t; it combines all oreo species (black, smooth and spiky) and east and west areas.

Smooth oreo
The OEO 4 smooth oreo stock assessment was updated in 2007. Three final runs are reported for the stock.

The model estimates of mid-year mature biomass in 2005−06 was 57% (51–62) of mature B0 and suggested that there was not an immediate sustainability issue with this stock. However, there are considerable uncertainties associated with this assessment described in section 4.3.6 above. The main uncertainty is that substantial proportions of the abundance in each acoustic survey are attributed to layer marks which are generally not fished by the commercial fishery. Also, standardised CPUE in the larger east fishery has declined in recent years.

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