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In 2002, RBY 1 was included in the AMP on the basis that the stock has been lightly fished it seems likely that the stock is above BMSY. Based on the low catches through to 2004–05 - RBY 1 was likely to remain near the unexploited level at that time.

Catch sampling between 1998–99 and 2000–01 indicated that the fishery is comprised of a large number of age classes with a reasonable proportion of the catch coming from fish of greater than 50 years old. Although relatively high catches were made prior to this period there is no obvious truncation of the age distribution that would occur under high and unsustainable levels of fishing mortality.

Most of the current RBY catch comes from QMA 2. It is not known whether the level of recent commercial catches in this QMA is sustainable. The status of RBY 2 relative to BMSY is unknown.

Other areas
For most other areas it is not known if recent catches are sustainable. Commercial concentrations of rubyfish probably also exist in areas that have not been fished. The status of other RBY stocks relative to BMSY is unknown.

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