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7.1 Jasus edwardsii, NSN substock
7.2 Jasus edwardsii, NSC substock

7.3 Jasus edwardsii, NSS substock
In 2006, CRA 7 and CRA 8 were modelled simultaneously as separate stocks within a new multistock model. The assessment was not finalised in the time available; however, both stocks showed increasing CPUE to levels not seen since the 1980s. CPUE in CRA8 in 2006 was well above the target set for the rebuilt stock (1.9 kg per potlift). This indicated that it was time to develop a management strategy designed to maintain stock biomass, and this was done in 2007. In 2009 the 2007 management procedure for CRA 7 triggers a decrease in the TAC for CRA 7 to 104.5t for the 2010-11 fishing year. The results of the decision rule for CRA 8 estimates a decrease of 0.5% in TAC. However, the minimum change allowed under the rule is ±5%, thus the proposed TAC remains unchanged under the CRA 8 management procedure forthe 2010–11 fishing year.

7.4 Jasus edwardsii, CHI stock
The most recent stock assessment for CRA 6 was done in 1996, using catches and abundance indices current up to the 1995–96 fishing year. The status of this stock is uncertain. Catches were less than the TACC 1990–91 to 2004–05, but have been within 10 t of the TACC since then. CPUE showed a declining trend from 1979–80 to 1997–98, but has then increased in two stages to levels higher than seen in the early 1990s. These observations suggest a stable or increasing standing stock after an initial fishing down period. However, size frequency distributions in the lobster catch had not changed when they were examined in the mid 1990s, with a continuing high frequency of large lobsters. Large lobsters would have been expected to disappear from a stock declining under fishing pressure. This apparent discrepancy could be caused by immigration of large lobsters into the area being fished. The models investigated assume a constant level of annual productivity which is independent of the standing stock. Commercial removals in the 2008−09 fishing year (355 t) were within the range of estimates for MCY (300−380 t), and close to the current TACC (360 t). The current TAC (370 t) lies within the range of the estimated MCY.

7.5 Sagmariasus verreauxi, PHC stock
The status of this stock is unknown.

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