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Summary of input data for the 2010 PAU 5A stock assessment


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The stock assessments for PUA 5A were previously carried out at the QMA level. The Shellfish Working Group suggested conducting the 2010 stock assessment for two subareas of PAU 5A separately: a southern area including Chalky and South Coast, and a northern area including Milford, George, Central, and Dusky. This report summarises the data inputs for the 2010 stock assessment of blackfoot paua for the two subareas

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Thursday, 11 November 2010
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M:\SCIPOL\FARs\Electronic copies of Published FARs\2010 FARs\10_35_FAR.pdf

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

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Author: Fu; McKenzie; Naylor;
FishingMethod: diving;
Project Code: PAU2007-03;
ResearchField: stock assessment;
ScienceStock: Shellfish;
Species: Paua; PUA;
Stock: PAU5A;

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