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Fishery characterisation and setnet catch-per-unit-effort indices for rig in SPO1 and SPO 8, 1989–90 to 2009–10

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This report updates relative abundance of rig caught in six set net fisheries in Northland (SPO 1) and the Taranaki coast (SPO 8), and also presents new indices for three trawl fisheries for the 1989–90 to 2009–10 fishing years. The set net indices are compromised by a developing reporting problem and a proposed adjustment needs further work. Trawl indices are likely to monitor juvenile abundance and describe steady declines to low levels in the mid 2000s and subsequent increases.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2012
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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

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Author: Bentley N.; Kendrick T.H.;
FishingMethod: set net; trawl;
ResearchField: relative abandance; set net fisheries; SPO; SPO 1; SPO 8;
ScienceStock: Inshore;
Species: Rig; SPO;
Stock: SPO 1; SPO 8; SPO1; SPO8;