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Age determination of frostfish (Lepidopus caudatus) off west coast South Island.

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 A method to determine the age of frostfish (Lepidopus caudatus) using counts of zones in otoliths has been developed, and was verified using the progression of modes in length-frequency distributions. Frostfish are fast-growing and relatively short-lived (maximum age 11 years). An estimated catch-at-age distribution for the FRO 7 fishery in 2007–08 is presented.

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Monday, 8 July 2013
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V 1.3
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Author: Horn, P.L.;
FishingMethod: trawl;
ResearchField: frostfish age, otoliths, length-frequency distributions;
ScienceStock: Deepwater;
Species: frostfish;
Stock: FRO;

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