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Monitoring New Zealand’s trawl footprint for deepwater fisheries: 1989–1990 to 2009–2010.


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We map the spatial and temporal distribution of bottom contact trawling for 21 years using TCEPR data. Each of eleven target species, all other species in aggregate, and all species combined are analysed. Statistics for the footprint and effort per 5 x 5km cell in relation to depth zones, fishable area, habitat and preferred habitat of each species are provided. The footprint for all species is estimated at 385 032 km2 (about 9% of the EEZ & TS) and the cumulative area of tows at 3 200 518 km2.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Author: Berthelsen, T.; Black, J.; Tilney, R.; Wood, R.;
FishingMethod: trawl;
ResearchField: deepwater; fisheries; monitoring; New Zealand; trawl footprint;
ScienceStock: Deepwater;