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Trawl survey of hoki and middle depth species on the ChathamRise, January 2012 (TAN1201).

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The 21st annual Chatham Rise trawl survey was carried out 2–28 January 2012. In total 134 stations were completed - 90 core (200–800 m) phase 1, 10 core phase 2 and 34 deep (800–1300 m). The estimates of relative core biomass were hoki 87 505 t (c.v. 9.8%), hake 1292 t (c.v. 14.7%) and ling 8098 t (c.v. 13.8%). Estimated biomass of orange roughy in core and northern deep strata was 5202 t (c.v. 26.7%). Acoustic indices of mesopelagic fish had increased from 2011 and were the highest since 2009.

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Friday, 12 July 2013
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FAR_2013_34_2605_HOK2010-05A NIW_Obj1-5, CS4.pdf

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Author: Ballara, S.L.; Dunn, M.R.; Horn, P.L.; O'Driscoll, R.L.; Stevens, D.W.;
FishingMethod: trawl;
ResearchField: accoustic; Chatham Rise; estimated biomass; trawl survey;
ScienceStock: Deepwater;
Species: Hoki; Middle depths species;
Stock: HOK;

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