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Aerial-access recreational harvest estimates for snapper, kahawai, red gurnard, tarakihi and trevally in FMA 1 in 2011โ€“12

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An Aerial-Access survey approach was used to estimate the recreational harvest of snapper, kahawai, trevally, gurnard and tarakihi from QMA 1 for the 2011–12 fishing year. This survey approach combines aerial and boat ramp survey data to estimate the harvest taken on each survey day. The harvest estimates reported here are of a similar magnitude to those provided by two other independent and concurrent studies, which suggests that they are reasonably accurate, and fit for management purposes.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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Author: Bian, R.; Hartill, B.; Rush, N & Armiger H.;
ResearchField: Recreational harvest;
ScienceStock: Inshore;
Species: gurnard; kahawai; Snapper; tarakihi; trvally;

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