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FAR 2014/48 Management strategy evaluation for the Coromandel scallop fishery.


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This report describes a management strategy evaluation for Coromandel scallop. Two approaches for managing the fishery were investigated; one with a low base TACC which can be increased in-season based on the results of a resource survey, and the other with higher base TACCs and closure of individual scallop beds when CPUE drops below specified thresholds. Decision rules were evaluated against the Harvest Strategy Standard reference points, as well as measures of average and variability of catch.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014
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V 1.3
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Thursday, 4 September 2014

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FAR: 2014/48;
ISSN: 1179-5352;
ISBN: 978-0-478-43738-6;
ScienceStock: SCA;
Species: Scallop;
ResearchField: Management strategy;
Author: Haist; Middleton;

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