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FAR 2015/40 A survey of the Foveaux Strait oyster (Ostrea chilensis) population (OYU 5) in commercial fishery areas and the status of bonamia (Bonamia exitiosa) in February 2014.

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The 2014 bonamia survey was the first in new time-series of surveys has incorporated a fully randomised, two-phase sampling design and a standard survey area comprised 14 of the 26 stock assessment survey strata from 2012. The recruit-sized oyster population declined 21.8%. Summer mortality comprised of 39.4 million new clocks (6.8%) before the survey and 67.1 million oysters (11.5%) post-survey. Pre-recruits declined by 50.1%, and small oysters 65.4%. A downward trend in the stock is expected.

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Friday, 4 September 2015
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FAR_2015_40_2806_OYS2013-01 (Obj 1-7, MS2, RR2).pdf

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Friday, 4 September 2015

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Author: Forman, J.; Forman, J.; Fu, D.; Fu, D.; Hulston, D.; Hulston, D.; Maas, E.; Maas, E.; Michael, K.P.; Michael, K.P.;
ResearchField: fully randomised, two phase sampling design; fully randomised, two phase sampling design; survey; survey; time-series; time-series;
ScienceStock: Shellfish; Shellfish;
Species: Bonamia exitiosa; Bonamia exitiosa; Ostrea chilensis; Ostrea chilensis;
Stock: OYU 5; OYU 5;

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