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FAR 2015/42 Stock assessment of snapper in SNA 7.


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A stock assessment was conducted for SNA 7. The assessment estimates that the stock biomass was reduced to a low level by the early 1980s and remained at that level until the late 2000s. Since 2009, stock biomass has increased following the recruitment of an exceptionally strong year class. Current stock biomass is assessed to be above the soft biomass limit (20% SB0) and below the interim target biomass level (40% SB0) and is projected to continue to increase under status quo catches.

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Friday, 4 September 2015
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V 1.3
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Friday, 4 September 2015

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FAR: 2015/42;
ISSN: 1179-5352;
ISBN: 978-1-77665-006-4;
ScienceStock: Inshore;
Species: Snapper;
Stock: SNA7;
FishingMethod: pair trawl survey; single trawl fishery;
ResearchField: absolute biomass; commercial catch data; Stock biomass;
Author: Langley;

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