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Orange roughy abundance estimates of the north Chatham Rise Spawning Plumes (ORH3B), San Waitaki acoustic survey, June-July 2014


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Abundance estimates of the orange roughy in two spawning aggregations on the northeast Chatham Rise (ORH3B) were estimated from a hull mounted transducer acoustic survey carried out between 30 June and 20 July 2014 using FV San Waitaki. For the Old Plume, the estimated abundance was 17 668 t (CV 19%) and for the Rekohu Plume, the abundance was 40 066 t (CV 26%).

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Friday, 17 June 2016
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Friday, 17 June 2016

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FAR: 2016/31;
ISSN: 1179-5352;
ISBN: 978-1-77665-277-8;
ScienceStock: Deepwater;
Species: ORH;
Stock: ORH3B;
FishingMethod: Acoustic survey;
ResearchField: Abundance; Chatham Rise; ORH; Survey;
Author: Doonan; Dunford; Hart; Wood;

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