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FAR 2016/ 44 Acoustic survey of spawning hoki in Cook Strait during winter 2015 and update of acoustic q priors for hoki stock assessment modelling.


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An acoustic survey of spawning hoki abundance in Cook Strait was carried out from two industry vessels from 24 July to 2 September 2015. The average estimate of hoki abundance from five accepted snapshots (204 000 t, CV 33%) was 21% higher than the equivalent estimate from 2013. Priors on the acoustic survey proportionality constant q were re-evaluated for both the Cook Strait and west coast South Island survey time-series to reflect recent revisions to hoki target strength estimates.

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Monday, 8 August 2016
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V 1.3
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Monday, 8 August 2016

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Author: Dunford, A.J.: MacGibbon, D.J.; Ladroit, Y.; O’Driscoll, R.L.;
FishingMethod: Trawl;
ResearchField: abundance; acoustic survey; Hokil; q;
ScienceStock: Deepwater;
Species: Hoki;

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