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Paua (Haliotis iris) length at maturity in PAU 3 and PAU 5A.


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Length at maturity was estimated at five sites in PAU 3 and at four sites in PAU 5A. It varied slightly between sites within both QMAs, but the lengths at which 50% and 95% of samples were mature were usually about 90 mm and 100 mm, respectively. Examination of gonads indicated that visual assessment of maturity was adequate. Shell length, width, and height were examined to see if they are useful predictors of length at maturity. Shell width explained slightly more of the variance in maturity, but not much more than length.

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Friday, 2 June 2017
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FAR: 2017/25;
ISSN: 1179-5352;
ISBN: 978-1-77665-589-2;
Species: PAU; PAU;
Stock: PAU 3; PAU 5A; PAU 3; PAU 5A;
Author: Naylor; Notman; Parker; Naylor; Notman; Parker;

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