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FAR 2018/01 - Fishery characterisation and Catch-Per-Unit-Effort analysis for blue moki (Latridopsis ciliaris) in MOK 1 and MOK 3.


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FAR-2018-01-Fishery-characterisation-Catch-Per-Unit-Effort-analysis-blue-moki-MOK-1-MOK-3.pdf (6.8 MB)

Blue moki (Latridopsis ciliaris) in MOK 1 and MOK 3 is caught in inshore set-net fisheries while a substantial proportion of the catch from MOK 1 is also taken as a bycatch of inshore trawl fisheries. Most of the catch is taken from the along the central east coast of the North and South Islands encompassing East Cape, Wairarapa, Cook Strait and Kaikoura.

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Thursday, 14 June 2018
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V 1.3
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Thursday, 14 June 2018

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Species: MOK;
Stock: MOK 1; MOK 3;
Author: Langley A.;

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