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Extent of bottom contact by New Zealand commercial trawl fishing for deepwater Tier 1 and Tier 2 target species determined using CatchMapper software, fishing years 2008โ€“17


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The deepwater Tier 1 and Tier 2 target fishstock footprint for fishing years 2008–17 was estimated at 180 100 km2. This 10-year footprint contacted 4.4% of the Territorial Sea and EEZ seafloor area and 13% of the seafloor open to fishing, down to 1600 m. Tier 1 fisheries accounted for 87%, with hoki effort contributing 42%. The 2017 footprint covered 48 203 km2, lower than the 10-year median of 49 845 km2. The aggregated swept area from all bottom-contacting trawls for 2017 was 94 500 km2.

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Wednesday, 11 September 2019
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