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AEBR 290 Updated spatially explicit fisheries risk assessment for New Zealand marine mammal populations.


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AEBR-290-Updated-Risk-Assessment-For-New-Zealand-Marine-Mammals-4286.pdf (11.7 MB)

 An updated risk assessment was conducted for 54 New Zealand marine mammals using a multi-species spatially explicit risk assessment. Goodness-of-fit assessments indicated reasonable performance to predict total number of captures for pinniped and delphinid species with >5 captures, but poor performance to predict the spatial location of those captures. Poor performance may be due to inappropriate structural model assumptions or to biological inputs. Results should be interpreted with caution.

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Monday, 19 September 2022
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V 1.3
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Monday, 19 September 2022

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AEBR: 290;
AUTHOR: MacKenzie, D.I.; Fletcher, D.; Dillingham, P.W.; Meyer, S.; Pavanato, H;
ISBN: 978-1-99-105226-1;
ISSN: 1179-6480;

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