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The current fishery is unlikely to have had much effect on the state of the BYX 1 stock, which is likely to be lightly exploited. Current catch levels are most probably sustainable. No stock assessment has yet been conducted for BYX 1, and the state of the stock in relation to BMSY is not known.


For BYX 2, the current TACC (1575 t) is within the range of the F calculated in 1991. These F the CPUE for this analysis came from fishing on part of the potential BYX habitat, yields may be under-estimated. Annual landings from 1986 to 1994–95 remained generally stable, within the estimated range of F 0.1 yield estimates of 1320–1800 t0.1 estimates were based upon a CPUE index in the target trawl fishery. As 0.1 yield. Landings since 1995 result of expansion of the fishery into other areas. Therefore, recent catch levels and the current TACC appear sustainable. However, it is not known if recent catch levels and the current TACC will allow the stock to move towards a size that will support the MSY. –96 have sometimes been slightly outside the range of F0.1 estimates, as a 


Alfonsino on the Chatham Rise (BYX 3) were lightly fished prior to 1995–96 and recent catches, although greatly increased, have been less than the TACC. BYX 3 catches have increased in recent years due to the development of new fishing grounds. It is not known if the recent catch levels or the current TACC are sustainable or would allow the stock to move towards a size that would support the MSY.


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