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Estimates of current and reference biomass are not available. The Working Group recognises that
there are no stock assessments, or reliable data or time series on which to base specific
recommendations on catch levels. Given the biology of eels, there is a risk that the current
exploitation levels for longfin eels in particular, coupled with past and present anthropogenic
impacts, are not sustainable. Recent reductions in catch levels for longfin eels in the North Island, the
introduction of an upper size limit in the North Island, and additional areas closed to fishing, may
have reduced the risk level. Based on available information, the Working Group does not consider
that the same risk applies to shortfin eels, although caution is required given the nature of eel biology
and exploitation before spawning escapement.
The Working Group considers that further management action is required to improve the spawner
escapement of longfin eels. It is not possible to recommend specific TACs but measures are required
to increase the spawner escapement of longfin eels to improve recruitment. Measures could include
reductions in catch levels, changes to size limits and area closures.

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Thursday, 15 May 2008
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