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South Coast South Island - Set Net Prohibition

Set netting is prohibited between Slope Point in the Catlins and Sand Hill Point east of Fiordland ─ offshore to four nautical miles.

Set netting is prohibited the whole of Te Waewae Bay.

South Coast South Island Map.

This map is intended to be used as a guide only, in conjunction with other data sources and methods, and should only be used for the purpose for which it was developed. Although the information on this map has been prepared with care and in good faith, no guarantee is given that the information is complete, accurate or up-to-date. All coordinates are provided in WGS84 decimal minutes.

The new prohibitions in this area do not apply to harbours, estuaries, rivers, lakes, inlets and lagoons – subject to any other fisheries restrictions, you can use set nets in these areas inside a straight line joining the natural entrance points of the waterway. The regulations define these points in some cases because they are not always clear.

This information is only a guide to the new set net prohibition in the Southern (Southland) Fishery Management Area. There are other set net restrictions and prohibitions that are not to protect Hector’s dolphins. You must check for set net prohibitions and restrictions in the area where you plan to fish – before you go fishing. Check the Recreational section or call your nearest Ministry of Fisheries office. You can also purchase fisheries regulations at most bookshops.

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Adobe PDF.  South Coast South Island Maps (PDF 1MB)

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