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FAR 2013/41 A review of hoki and middle-depth summer trawl surveys of the Sub-Antarctic, November December 1991–1993 and 2000–2009 Supplement C: Species codes LIN to SCI (FAR_2013_41_2515_MDT2010-01 Obj6, RR1Supplement C Species codes LIN to SCI.pdf)
86_SCI_09 (86_SCI_09.pdf)
A production model for the FMA 1 scampi fishery, 1989-92 (\1994 FARDs\94_08_FARD.pdf)
AEBR 2018/199 - Fish and invertebrate bycatch and discards in New Zealand arrow squid and scampi trawl fisheries from 2002–03 until 2015–16 (AEBR-2018-199-Bycatch-and-discards-Squid-and-Scampi.pdf)
Burrowing megafauna in SCI 3. (FAR_2013_20_2530_SEA2011-13, Obj.1, RR1.pdf)
Burrowing megafauna in SCI 3. (FAR_2013_20_2530_SEA2011-13, Obj.1, RR1.pdf)
Characterisation and a length-based assessment model for scampi (Metanephrops challengeri) at the Auckland Islands (SCI 6A). (FAR-2017-56-Length-based-assessment-SCI6A.pdf)
Characterisation and length-based population model for scampi (Metanephrops challengeri) on the Mernoo Bank (SCI 3). (FAR_2013_24_2578_DEE2010-02, Obj. 1, CS4A.pdf)
Characterisation of scampi fisheries and the examination of catch at length and spatial distribution of scampi in SCI 1, 2, 3, 4A, and 6A (09_27_FAR.pdf)
Estimating the abundance of scampi in SCI 1 (Bay of Plenty) and SCI 2 (Wairarapa / Hawke Bay) in 2015. (FAR-2016-17-Scampi-2015.pdf)