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Phocarctos hookeri (New Zealand sea lions): incidental captures in New Zealand commercial fisheries during 2000-01 and in-season estimates of captures during squid trawling in SQU 6T in 2002 (\2005 FARs\05_17_FAR.pdf)
04_SQU_09 (04_SQU_09.pdf)
AEBR 175. Sea lion population modelling and management procedure evaluations. (AEBR-175-Sealion-population-modelling.pdf)
AEBR 2018/199 - Fish and invertebrate bycatch and discards in New Zealand arrow squid and scampi trawl fisheries from 2002–03 until 2015–16 (AEBR-2018-199-Bycatch-and-discards-Squid-and-Scampi.pdf)
Areas of importance for spawning, pupping or egg-laying, and juveniles of New Zealand coastal fish (ENV1999-03 Coastal Fish NZ Objective 1 Final.pdf)
Arrow squid (\1988 FARDs\88_34_FARD.pdf)
Arrow squid (04_SQU_2010.pdf)
Arrow squid (SQU) – Fisheries Assessment Plenary May 2022 Volume 1 (04 SQU 2022.pdf)
ARROW SQUID (SQU) – May Plenary Report 2021 Volume 1 (04 SQU 2021.pdf)
Estimation of fur seal (Arctocephalus forsteri) bycatch in New Zealand trawl fisheries, 2002-03 to 2008-09 (AEBR_61.pdf)