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Region - Challenger (FMA 7)

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55 items
Spp codeCodeNameCustomary significanceRec. significanceExport value (NZ$m)Export weight (000 tonnes)
BAR BAR7 Barracouta Challenger MediumLow
BCO BCO7 Blue Cod Challenger HighHigh
BUT BUT7 Butterfish Challenger   
BYA BYA7 Frilled Venus Shell Chall...   
COC COC7A Cockle Nelson Bays cockle... HighHigh
COC COC7B Cockle Marlborough cockle... HighHigh
DAN DAN7 Ringed Dosinia Challenger   
DSU DSU7 Silky dosinia Challenger   
ELE ELE7 Elephant Fish Challenger MediumMedium
FLA FLA7 Flatfish Challenger   
GAR GAR7 Garfish Challenger   
GLM GLM7A Green-lipped mussel Nelso... HighHigh
GLM GLM7B Green-lipped mussel West ... HighHigh
GUR GUR7 Gurnard Challenger MediumMedium
HOR HOR7 Horse Mussel Challenger   
HPB HPB7 Hapuku & Bass Challenger MediumMedium
JDO JDO7 John Dory Challenger MediumMedium
KAH KAH3 Kahawai 3,5,6, and 7 (Com... HighHigh
KIN KIN7 Kingfish Challenger HighHigh
KWH KWH7A Knobbed whelk Nelson/Marl...   
KWH KWH7B Knobbed whelk West Coast   
LEA LEA2 Leatherjacket 2, 7 and 8 ... MediumMedium
MDI MDI7 Trough Shell Challenger   
MMI MMI7 Large trough shell Challe...   
OYS OYS7 Dredge Oyster Nelson/Marl... HighHigh
OYS OYS7A Dredge Oyster West Coast HighHigh
OYS OYS7B Dredge Oyster North and W... HighHigh
OYS OYS7C Dredge Oyster Clarence Pt... HighHigh
PAD PAD7 Paddle Crab Challenger   
PAU PAU7 Paua Challenger (Nelson/M... HighHigh
PDO PDO7 Deepwater tuatua Challeng...   
POY POY7 Oysters Pacific Challenge...   
PPI PPI7 Pipi Challenger/Central (...   
PZL PZL7 Deepwater clam Challenger   
RCO RCO7 Red Cod Challenger MediumMedium
RSK RSK7 Rough Skate Challenger   
SAE SAE7 Triangle shell Challenger   
SCA SCA7A Scallop West Coast HighHigh
SCA SCA7B Scallop North and West of... HighHigh
SCA SCA7C Scallop Clarence Pt to We... HighHigh
SCC SCC7A Sea cucumber Challenger (...   
SCC SCC7B Sea cucumber Challenger (...   
SCC SCC7D Sea cucumber Challenger (...   
SCH SCH7 School Shark Challenger MediumMedium
SNA SNA7 Snapper Challenger HighHigh
SPD SPD7 Spiny Dogfish Challenger MediumMedium
SPE SPE7 Sea Perch Challenger MediumMedium
SPO SPO7 Rig Challenger MediumMedium
SSK SSK7 Smooth Skate Challenger   
STA STA7 Stargazer Challenger LowLow
SUR SUR7A Kina Challenger (Nelson/M...   
SUR SUR7B Kina Challenger (Westland...   
TAR TAR7 Tarakihi Challenger HighHigh
TRU TRU7 Trumpeter Challenger   
TUA TUA7 Tuatua Challenger/Central... HighHigh
      0.00000 0.00000


  1. Exports are calculated pro-rata to reported commercial catch for the calendar year 2025.