Fisheries Infosite

Region - North East Coast North Island (FMA 1)

Being able to provide fish or shellfish to feed whänau (family) or manuhiri (guests) has always been part of the cultural heritage of tangata whenua.  Indeed, fishing remains an important source of cultural wealth for iwi and hapü throuhgout the region. 

With interests in customary, recreational and commercial fishing, Maori fish as part of all three of these sectors along the North East coast.  Given the richness of the North Eastern coastline, most inshore species form part of the staple diet of Maori and are viewed as taonga. However there are species that hold particular value in this region including, snapper, flatfish, grey mullet, kahawai, kina, cockles, pipi and freshwater eel.

Species photo for Snapper (SNA)Image drawing for Sand Flounder (SFL)Image drawing for Pipi (PPI)