Fisheries Infosite

Region - Central (East) (FMA2)

The Central East Region supports significant commercial rock lobster fisheries along the Gisborne and Hawke Bay-Wairarapa coastlines, and an important paua fishery centred on the Wellington and Wairarapa coasts.
The mainstay of the region’s commercial wetfish industry is a mixed-trawl fishery, targeting mostly tarakihi and gurnard but also red cod, snapper, trevally, blue warehou and flatfish.  There is also a midwater trawl fishery targeting bluenose, gemfish and rubyfish; a bottom long-line fishery targeting mostly bluenose and häpuku/bass; and a set-net fishery targeting blue warehou, butterfish, and blue moki.  
Some surface long-lining for tuna and swordfish occurs in the northern part of the region in late summer, with most fish being landed into Gisborne and Napier.
Most of the region's trawl and line vessels are based in Gisborne, Napier and Wellington although vessels do travel from outside the region to fish in the area as well. Rock lobster vessels are based throughout the region, many in small coastal communities like Mahia and Castlepoint.