Fisheries Infosite

Region - North West (FMA 9)

The large population in this region makes a ready market for local fish.
Off the region’s coast is a significant inshore mixed trawl fishery for snapper, trevally, tarakihi and gurnard. Virtually all this product is landed through the Manukau Harbour.
There is also a seasonal troll fishery for tunas (particularly albacore) off this coast, and some set-net fishing (mainly for small sharks).
The Manukau and Kaipara Harbours have significant set-net fisheries. These are dominated by small trailer-boats (dories) that mostly target flatfish, small sharks and grey mullet.
Interestingly, the most nationally-significant commercial fishery in the region is the collection of beach-cast mussel spat for New Zealand’s aquaculture industry. Around 90 percent of New Zealand farmed mussels are currently grown from this spat.