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Region - North East Coast North Island (FMA 1)

Key statistics
Recreational significance High
Customary significance High
Environmental importance High
Reported commercial catch1 (tonnes)
Quota value estimate2 (NZ$m)
Exports estimate2 (NZ$m)
1 Reported commercial catch is calculated for the 12 month period to 30/09/2025
2 Quota value and exports are calculated pro-rata to reported commercial catch for the 12 month period to 30/09/2025
Regional characteristics
Area 241,000 km2
Coastline 5,510 kms
Productivity Medium
Climate Temperate-sub-tropical
Total population2 2,024,000
Tangata Whenua2 325,000
Recreational fishers (est. 20%) 405,000
2 Census 2006
The North Island North East region covers the inshore waters and harbours along the north-eastern coast of the North Island from North Cape to Cape Runaway. It includes the eastern coast of Northland, the Hauraki Gulf, the Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty.
The fisheries of the region, including the iconic snapper fishery, are some of the most highly valued in New Zealand by customary, recreational and commercial fishers alike. 

With its warm climate and sheltered waters, the region contains a range of coastal habitats, including extensive rocky reef systems, numerous pristine sandy beaches, several major harbours and large areas of highly productive estuaries.

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 Iconic species
Species photo for Snapper (SNA)

Image drawing for Scallop (SCA)

a kahawai

a kingfish        Striped Marlin (STM)
             Kingfish                                         Striped Marlin