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19 items
Spp codeCodeNameCustomary significanceRec. significanceExport value (NZ$m)Export weight (000 tonnes)
BCO BCO1 Blue Cod Auckland (East) HighHigh
BMA BMA1 Blue Maomao Auckland(East...   
BNS BNS1 Bluenose Auckland (East) MediumMedium
FLA FLA1 Flatfish 1 & 9 Combined   
GAR GAR1 Garfish Auckland(East)   
GMU GMU1 Grey Mullet Auckland (Eas... HighHigh
GUR GUR1 Gurnard Auckland (East) MediumMedium
HPB HPB1 Hapuku & Bass 1 & 9 Combi... MediumMedium
JDO JDO1 John Dory Auckland (East) MediumMedium
KAH KAH1 Kahawai Auckland (East) HighHigh
KIN KIN1 Kingfish Auckland(East) HighHigh
PIL PIL1 Pilchards Auckland(East) LowLow
RSN RSN1 Red Snapper Auckland(East...   
SCH SCH1 School Shark Auckland (Ea... MediumMedium
SNA SNA1 Snapper Auckland (East) HighHigh
SPO SPO1 Rig Auckland (East) MediumMedium
TAR TAR1 Tarakihi Auckland (East) HighHigh
TRE TRE1 Trevally Auckland (East) HighHigh
YEM YEM1 Yellow Eyed Mullet Auckl...   
      0.00000 0.00000


  1. Exports are calculated pro-rata to reported commercial catch for the calendar year 2020.