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Fishery - Hoki (including key bycatch stocks)

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25 items
Spp codeCodeNameCustomary significanceRec. significanceExport value (NZ$m)Export weight (000 tonnes)
FRO FRO1 Frostfish Auckland(East)   
FRO FRO10 Frostfish Kermadec   
FRO FRO2 Frostfish Central(East)   
FRO FRO3 Frostfish South-East(Coas...   
FRO FRO4 Frostfish South-East(Chat...   
FRO FRO5 Frostfish Southland   
FRO FRO6 Frostfish Sub-Antartic   
FRO FRO7 Frostfish Challenger   
FRO FRO8 Frostfish Central(West)   
FRO FRO9 Frostfish Auckland(West)   
HOK HOK1 Hoki 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and... LowLow
HOK HOK10 Hoki Kermadec LowLow
SWA SWA1 Silver Warehou Auckland (... LowLow
SWA SWA10 Silver Warehou Kermadec LowLow
SWA SWA3 Silver Warehou South East... LowLow
SWA SWA4 Silver Warehou Chatham Ri... LowLow
WWA WWA1 White Warehou Auckland(Ea... LowLow
WWA WWA10 White Warehou Kermadec LowLow
WWA WWA2 White Warehou Central(Eas... LowLow
WWA WWA3 White Warehou South-East(... LowLow
WWA WWA4 White Warehou South-East(... LowLow
WWA WWA5B White Warehou Southland a... LowLow
WWA WWA7 White Warehou Challenger LowLow
WWA WWA8 White Warehou Central(Wes... LowLow
WWA WWA9 White Warehou Auckland(We... LowLow
      0.00000 0.00000


  1. Exports are calculated pro-rata to reported commercial catch for the calendar year 2024.