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for the 12 month period to 30/09/2025

40 items
Species codeFishstock CodeNameReported comm. catch (kg)TACC (kg)Cust. allow. (kg)Rec. allow. (kg)Target In QMS
BIG BIG1 Bigeye Tuna 1 - 10 (Combined) 714,000 4,000 8,000 Yes Yes
BWS BWS1 Blue Shark 1 - 10 (Combined) 1,860,000 10,000 20,000 No Yes
MAK MAK1 Mako Shark 1 - 10 (Combined) 200,000 10,000 30,000 No Yes
POS POS1 Porbeagle Shark 1 - 10 (Combin... 110,000 2,000 6,000 No Yes
RBM RBM1 Ray's Bream 1 - 10 (Combined) 980,000 5,000 10,000 No Yes
STN STN1 Southern Bluefin Tuna 1-10 & h... 1,197,000 2,000 69,000 Yes Yes
SWO SWO1 Swordfish 1 - 10 (Combined) 885,000 10,000 20,000 No Yes
TOR TOR1 Pacific Bluefin Tuna 1-10 (Com... 116,000 500 25,000 No Yes
YFN YFN1 Yellowfin Tuna 1 - 10 (Combine... 263,000 30,000 60,000 No Yes
BEM BEM1 Blue Marlin Auckland(East) No No
BEM BEM10 Blue Marlin Kermadec No No
BEM BEM2 Blue Marlin Central(East) No No
BEM BEM3 Blue Marlin South-East(Coast) No No
BEM BEM4 Blue Marlin South-East(Chatham... No No
BEM BEM5 Blue Marlin Southland No No
BEM BEM6 Blue Marlin Sub-Antarctic No No
BEM BEM7 Blue Marlin Challenger No No
BEM BEM8 Blue Marlin Central(West) No No
BEM BEM9 Blue Marlin Auckland(West) No No
BEM BEMET Blue Marlin Extra Territorial ... No No
BIG BIGET Bigeye Tuna Extra Territorial ... Yes No
BWS BWSET Blue Shark Extra Territorial (... No No
MAK MAKET Mako Shark Extra Territorial (... No No
MOO MOOET Moonfish Extra Territorial (20... No No
POS POSET Porbeagle Shark Extra Territor... No No
RBM RBMET Rays Bream Extra Territorial (... No No
STM STM1 Striped Marlin Auckland(East) No No
STM STM10 Striped Marlin Kermadec No No
STM STM2 Striped Marlin Central(East) No No
STM STM3 Striped Marlin South-East(Coas... No No
STM STM4 Striped Marlin South-East(Chat... No No
STM STM5 Striped Marlin Southland No No
STM STM6 Striped Marlin Sub-Antarctic No No
STM STM7 Striped Marlin Challenger No No
STM STM8 Striped Marlin Central(West) No No
STM STM9 Striped Marlin Auckland(West) No No
STM STMET Striped Marlin Extra Territori... No No
SWO SWOET Swordfish Extra Territorial (2... No No
TOR TORET Pacific Bluefin Tuna Extra Ter... No No
YFN YFNET Yellowfin Tuna Extra Territori... No No
    0 6,325,000 73,500 248,000