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Title: Dredge survey of sea cucumbers in SCC 3, 2017
FAR-2017-53-Dredge-survey-of-sea-cucumbers-in-SCC3-2017.pdf (1.8 MB)
A dredge survey of sea cucumbers was conducted in part of SCC 3 (60 – 120 m depth range, north of Banks Peninsula) in May 2017. This is the first such survey in this area, and estimated the SCC abundance to be 23.8 million, 3207 tonnes greenweight, or 1329 tonnes split-weight. Biomass of SCC greater than 63 g split-weight (estimated marketable size) was 619 tonnes. Recent landings from SCC 3 have exceeded the 2 tonne TACC, but are only a very small percentage of this estimated biomass.
Species: SCC;
Stock: SCC 3;
FishingMethod: Dredge;
ResearchField: Abundance, biomass;
Author: Fenwick M.; Roberts C.; Tuck I.; Williams J.;