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Blue moki (MOK)
Maori name
Scientific name
Latridopsis ciliaris

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for the 12 month period to 30/09/2022
Commercial use
Reported catch MHR (kg) 510,530
Commercial allowance TACC (kg) 656,906
Export volume (kg) 0
Estimated domestic consumption (kg) Unknown

Customary use
Customary allowance (kg) 1,000
Customary take (kg) Unknown

Recreational use
Recreational allowance (kg) 22,000
Recreational take (kg) Unknown

Other sources of mortality
Other mortality allowance (kg) 18,000 
Illegal take (kg) Unknown 
Commercial Catch vs. Allowance* - Trend
Reported catch by month* - Trend
*All amounts are shown in thousands of kgs.

Fishstock CodeNameReported comm. catch (kg)TACC (kg)Cust. allow. (kg)Rec. allow. (kg)Target In QMS
MOK1 Blue Moki Auckland (East) 335,356 402,605 Yes Yes
MOK3 Blue Moki South East (Coast) 171,689 176,000 1,000 22,000 Yes Yes
MOK5 Blue Moki Southland 3,471 43,756 Yes Yes
MOK4 Blue Moki Chatham Rise 14 24,545 Yes Yes
MOK10 Blue Moki Kermadec 10,000 Yes Yes
MOKET Blue Moki Extra Territorial (2... Yes No
   510,530 656,906 1,000 22,000