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Quota Value

This page shows the trend in quota value for the main species in the Quota Management System covering 1 October 1995 to 30 September 2007.

The underlying data on quota and ACE trades, which support these valuations was sourced from the Ministry of Fisheries and FishServe.

The methodology used in producing this report has been adopted following the recommendations of the Handbook for Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting for Fisheries (SEEAF) (United Nations, 2004). The SEEA states that where possible, asset values of natural resources should be based on market transactions. Asset values in this report are derived from individual commercial fisheries quota trade transactions occurring during each fishing year using market prices, which have not been subsequently inflation adjusted. Where quota trade information is absent a net present value approach has been adopted based on ACE transfers as an approximation of the resource rent of the asset.  Estimates of asset values for commercial fish stocks are deemed to be relatively robust, due to available data on quota and ACE transactions.
Quota value trend
Quota value rank

 Source: Statistics New Zealand "Fish Monetary Stock Account 1998-2007"

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