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New Zealand has always been a sea faring nation, since the first Maori navigators landed here around 800AD to today when our yachtsmen complete successfully in the Americas Cup - for us and every other participating nation.

As a tourist your interest may be in the natural beauty of our rivers, lakes and ocean, in sampling our delicious seafood or going recreational fishing or scuba diving. You are very welcome and we hope you have a great stay.

Our fisheries are amongst the best and most accessible in the world. Most of them are easily available to you, whether your interest is as a big game fisher, someone who loves to sample fine cuisine or a lover of nature.

If you wish to go freshwater fishing, you may need to purchase a licence. Please refer to Fish and Game New Zealand's website for further details. You may also wish to gain information of back country places to go and fish by visiting the Department of Conservation website. Should you wish to obtain fish or marine life from New Zealand's coast you will need to adhere to the relevant bag limits for that area.

New Zealanders treasure their waterways. Our coastline and our rivers and lakes provide a pristine, natural playground for locals and tourists alike. They are also the single most important environmental factor governing many industries and sectors across our economy. But the arrival of an unwanted aquatic pest or disease can suddenly change all that – choking waterways or fouling our coast as recently demonstrated by the discovery of didymo. The bringing of fishing equipment into New Zealand must comply with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Biosecurity New Zealand standards.

On this site, you will find information about :

• Our fisheries (freshwater, inshore, deep water and marine farms).
• The different regions of New Zealand you might like to visit and our iconic species.
• Our different forms of recreational fishing and the rules you need to be aware of.
• What the Ministry does to manage our fisheries and the aquatic environment.
• Links to recreational organisations' websites that might help you plan your visit.

Whatever your interest, we know you will enjoy your stay in New Zealand.

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