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zzzSpecies photo for fishmx.jpgAs a restaurant chef, supermarket owner or retailer of seafood, your business reputation depends on the fish you are buying being of the very best quality for your customers.

New Zealand seafood has a global reputation for quality; have no doubt about it.

Whether it is our shellfish (mussels, rock lobster/crayfish, paua/abalone, squid) or finfish (hoki, ling, orange roughy, mackerel, tuna) you can be confident that they have been caught or farmed under the jurisdiction of a world class fisheries management regime. 

On this site you will find information on :

  • New Zealand's most important commercial seafood species.
  • Certification, traceability and food safety.
  • Our scientists' assessment of the sustainability of our fish stocks and what we are doing to re-build fisheries that are not at target levels.
  • The legislative frameworks and broader fisheries management regime we employ.
  • Our world leading quota management system.
  • Work the sector and Ministry are doing to minimise the environmental effects of fishing on habitats and marine mammals.
  • Our international export markets.
  • Links to the New Zealand Seafood Industry Council and Aquaculture New Zealand websites.

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