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Stan CrothersStan Crothers to Chair Profish

MFish's recently retired deputy chief executive Stan Crothers is to chair the management steering committee of the World Bank’s sustainable fisheries programme, PROFISH.

He was elected unopposed last week to the key post at the Washington DC-based bank, which works with developing countries to strengthen their economies. During his two-year term he will attend two annual general meetings and work by phone and e-mail.
“PROFISH is a global World Bank programme set up to meet the challenge of the growing crisis in the world’s marine fisheries and the impact this has on developing countries and their economies,” said Stan. “Food security, free trade, subsidies, climate change and wealth-based fisheries management are the current priorities.  “The livelihoods of about 200 million people rely on fishing and aquaculture-related work, but over 20 percent of the world’s 38 million full-time fishers earn less than US$1 per day.
Stan said the World Bank had a large portfolio of fisheries projects, with some ranging up to $US300-400 million in value. “Under PROFISH, donor and client countries, international agencies, financial institutions and stakeholder organisations work in partnership to improve sustainable fisheries management.”

The PROFISH management steering committee Stan will chair is made up of representatives from leading donor countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France and New Zealand. In the South Pacific, Stan said he would be working to bring World Bank resources into the mix, to help tie all the existing strands of aid and development work together and make investments go further.

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