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New Zealand Challenges

IcebergAn independent review of New Zealand’s fisheries sector undertaken in 2008 by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that New Zealand fisheries management is amongst the world’s best. However the report also identified that there remain some significant challenges that will need to be tackled if the considerable potential for economic, cultural, social and environmental value from New Zealand’s fisheries resources is to be fully realised.

The PWC report found that to the independent observer there appear to be highly divergent explicit and implicit ideological constructs for the longterm direction of aquatic and fisheries management in New Zealand: from market models, through co-management, to ‘big-Government’ models.  Sector stakeholders tend to debate issues from different ideological corners.  This can make for emotive discussions and means that, even when apparently similar language is used, meanings are often different and consensus limited.

Source : Fisheries 2030 (Price Waterhouse Coopers, November 2008)

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