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Fisheries Management


New Zealand’s fisheries are world class.  Keeping them this way requires a delicate balancing act of meeting today’s needs without compromising those of tomorrow.

Coastline and mountainsWe want to leave future generations with at least as many options for using marine resources as we ourselves enjoy.  Do to this we set minimum performance levels – or ‘Standards’– that fisheries must operate within.  These are the government’s ‘bottom line’ around sustainability and environmental impacts.
Rules and fishing quotas keep fishers within the catch and environmental limits that have been set. These are policed by Fishery Officers around the country.
The government also wants New Zealand to get the best value from its fisheries, so it involves the people who use and value a fishery with developing Fisheries Plans for the management of that fishery.  Government also encourages fishers and others to get involved in the Ministry's consultation processes, forums and working groups.
Maori hold a special place in New Zealand fisheries.  They are a partner with government in fisheries management, and hold certain customary and commercial fisheries rights as a result of the1840 Treaty of Waitangi.


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