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Hector dolphin leaping


The Ministry's goal is to:
Maximise the value New Zealanders obtain through the sustainable use of fisheries resources and protection of the aquatic environment.
To achieve our goal we have identified three outcomes as the key indicators of our success.  These outcomes describe, at a high-level, our desired results in economic, social and cultural environments.

Outcomes guide the development of standards; and assist with realistic objectives setting and implementation.

Strategic Risk Management

Strategic decision making involves balancing strategic risks.  The Ministry defines strategic risk as;

The current and prospective risk to fisheries outcomes, and Ministry's reputation and the Ministry's operating capability, arising from strategic choices, improper implementation of strategic choices, or changes to the environment.

To improve strategic and operational planning the Ministry is implementing an organisation strategic and operational risk management framework, based on ANZS 4360 and identified best practice for linking the strategic and operational risks to the strategic planning process.



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