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Stock Status

In 2016, there was sufficient information to report on the status of up to 185 stocks or sub-stocks out of a total of 379 significant stocks managed under New Zealand’s Quota Management System. The stocks with sufficient information to assess their status make up the majority of commercial landings.

Of 160 stocks or sub-stocks assessed relative to the soft limit (the lower bound on the desirable population size), 133 (83.1%) have been determined to be above the soft limit (i.e. NOT overfished) based on a recent assessment or evaluation. In terms of the tonnage of assessed landings, 97.0% was made up of stocks above the soft limit in 2016.

In 2016, 27 stocks were considered to be overfished (below the soft limit): southern bluefin tuna, Pacific bluefin tuna and bigeye tuna (highly migratory species that are present seasonally in New Zealand waters), three stocks of black cardinalfish, five stocks of bluenose, four stocks or sub-stocks of orange roughy, three stocks or sub-stocks of snapper, two stocks or sub-stocks of John dory, two stocks or sub-stocks of scallops, and one stock or sub-stock each of flatfish, oyster, paua, pipi and freshwater eels.

Rebuilding programmes or Total Allowable Catch (TAC)/TACC reductions are in place in these fisheries to allow them to rebuild to target levels.

A summary of stock status information can be found below:

The Status of New Zealand Fisheries 2016

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