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Yellowfin tuna

Fisheries Planning

Fisheries planning processes for deepwater, highly migratory species, inshore finfish, inshore shellfish and freshwater fisheries use objective-based management to drive the delivery of Ministry’s services in support of the Government’s goal and outcomes for the fisheries sector, as described in Fisheries 2030. The planning processes are guided by National Fisheries Plans, which recognise the distinctive characteristics of our fisheries by tailoring management objectives and service strategies. Click on the links below to find out more about the planning processes for our fisheries.  

Inshore finfish fisheries

 Draft National Plan for Inshore Finfish Fisheries

 Inshore Finfish Annual Review 2010/11

 Inshore Finfish Annual Review 2011/12

 Inshore Finfish Annual Operational Plan 2012/13

Inshore shellfish fisheries

 Draft National Plan for Inshore Shellfish Fisheries

 Inshore Shellfish Annual Review 2010/11

 Inshore Shellfish Annual Review 2011/12

 Inshore Shellfish Annual Operational Plan 2012/13

Freshwater fisheries

 Draft National Plan for Freshwater Fisheries

 Freshwater Fisheries Annual Review 2010/11

 Freshwater Fisheries Annual Operational Plan 2012/13

 Freshwater Fisheries Annual Review 2011/12


Deepwater and Middle-Depth Fisheries

Highly Migratory Species Fisheries

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