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Fishery Officer measuring pauaAround three quarters of all fishers respect and follow the rules if they know them, so a significant part of the Ministry’s compliance efforts go into making sure that people know about the rules in their fishery.

This involves developing and distributing information material and delivering education programmes. Sometimes this is done through targeted patrols, particularly by Honorary Fishery Officers, that focus on informing and educating fishers.

However, around 15 percent of fishers will consider offending if they think they can get away with it. These people often justify their actions by saying they are at the low end of offending. Fishery officers work to control this group of fishers through more obvious patrols and targeted inspections.

Around 10 percent of fishers are not deterred by any rule or regulation. This is the high end of fisheries enforcement - addressed by fishery officers through surveillance and searches that often lead to seizures and prosecutions through the courts.


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