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A couple of large icebergs in the southern ocean near Antarctica


New Zealand’s Deepwater and Middle-depth fisheries (deepwater fisheries) are those fisheries which predominantly occur in offshore waters beyond the 12 nautical mile limit of the territorial sea. Deepwater fishing activity occurs out to the 200 nautical mile limit of New Zealand’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ); fisheries beyond the EEZ are managed by the Ministry’s International Fisheries Management Team. Deepwater fisheries produced over NZ$648 million in export earnings during the 2012 calendar year, and included four of the top 10 exports by value for fisheries and aquaculture in 2012. The majority of the fish caught by deepwater vessels is exported to China, Australia, Japan, and the United States.


New Zealand’s domestic fisheries are managed by three teams within the Ministry: Deepwater, Inshore and Highly Migratory Species. Deepwater fisheries have been ranked into three tiers according to their commercial importance. Tier 1 fisheries are high volume and/or high value fisheries and are traditionally targeted. They are important export revenue earners, which is reflected in the high quota value associated with these species. Tier 2 fisheries are typically less sizable or valuable bycatch fisheries or are only target fisheries at certain times of the year. Tier 3 species are those caught as bycatch that are not managed through the quota management system (QMS).

Deepwater species in the QMS

Tier Species
, Hake, Ling, Southern Blue WhitingJack Mackerel, Orange Roughy, Oreo, Scampi, Squid.
2Alfonsino, Silver Warehou, Barracouta, Cardinal Fish, Frostfish, Ribaldo, Ruby Fish, Spiny Dogfish, Lookdown Dory, Pale Ghost Shark, Blue (English) Mackerel, Prawn Killer, Redbait, Gemfish, Deepwater Crabs, Dark Ghost Shark, Sea Perch.

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